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Community Organisations

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  • a non-competitive, play-based environment

  • encourages positive social interaction
  • strengthen family relationships
  • encourages individual and group physical activity

  • develops fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance, self confidence, self esteem

  • encourage teamwork, goal setting and perseverance

  • literacy and numeracy development

  • get everyone in the room active ​

  • builds bridges between families, support staff and the wider community.

  • provide the opportunity for positive risk taking within a safe environment

  • present realistic challenges suited to the age and ability of participants

  • are self-esteem and self-confidence building

  • celebrate both individual success and team efforts

  • are a fantastic tool for engaging at risk youth / families

  • skills can be adapted to be accessible to all ages and abilities

  • offer many opportunities for laughter, which is great for the body and mind!

In addition to skill development, we also offer:

  • performance outcomes; such as an informal show for friends and family

  • equipment-making workshops; an opportunity for participants to make and take home their very own circus equipment

Depending on the group, we may be able to offer:

  • circus leadership outcomes (learning to teach circus to others) - best suited to Youth / Adults


Early Years

Parent-child learning

Parent-child learning

Working together to master a skill strengthens connections

Inclusive games

Inclusive games

Challenging, physical, imaginative and hilarious.



These simple tricks can open up a brand new world of physical play.

Story time

Story time

Helping to build a love of literacy with some of our fabulous circus stories.

Circus Circuit

Circus Circuit

A Wild River, a Puzzle Path, tumbling and obstacles. The circuit is a big hit every time!

I have heard so many wonderful reports of the Circus Sessions. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to our youngest!  The interactions between parent and child/ren was a real bonus as I don’t think I had realised how much the parent was involved. The children were so confident this morning, and in tune with their parent.      Jenny Mountney, Centre Leader, East Devonport Child and Family Centre

Our Early Years projects are aimed at 3 to 5 year old children working together with a significant adult. 



Vulnerable Families

Thank you so much, not just for the instructions but the time you guys took to teach our kids some fun & exciting new tricks & activities. Thanks again, really appreciate it!   An enthusiastic mum.

We design projects where parents/carers and school-aged children participate together.  Parents, children and support staff engage in the learning process alongside each other.


School-Aged Children

Kids & Circus

Thanks again for all your planning and hard work! The feedback all sings praises of what a good program it is so that’s all credit to you.

Emma Schneiders, Child Care Links Project Officer, Huonville Childrens Services

Kids just love circus!  It's physical, it's fun, and there's no limit to how much they can learn.  




Seeing young people from a youth justice background, who generally put up their guard, try something new and re-discover their playful side was a highlight.  Seeing them step outside their boundaries and connect with others was really great.    Kirsty Leaf, Community Health Educator, Headspace Hobart

Our youth workshops are physically challenging and involve hands-on learning.  The wide variety of activities offered within each workshop means young people have every chance of finding just the thing to get them hooked.



Circus for Adults

We strongly believe in the old adage that you're only as old as you feel.


It's never too late to learn to juggle or as Lenny shows us in the picture, why stop there?? 

It's as important to exercise the brain as it is the body throughout our lives, and circus is the most fantastic way to go about it! 



Circus for Elders

There is no such thing as 'too old' for circus.  Where necessary, we take skills right back to basics so that goals are achievable and remain just as fun as ever.

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