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Team Building

Corporate Circus Juggling

Circus is a brilliant way to bring your team together.

What better place is there to learn about the strength of diversity than at the circus?

What we offer:

  • tailored workshops that meet the needs of your team

  • short and sweet workshops through to full day circus experiences 

  • workshops at your office or another convenient location

What to expect:

  • enhanced team dynamics

  • personal challenges: empower your staff to be magnificent

  • collaborative exercises: realise the best of each member to build the strongest team

  • enhanced trust

  • problem solving: working together on shared circus tasks

  • sore laughter muscles: happy people are more productive!

  • better jugglers: of both the literal and metaphorical kind!


Conference Presentations

Corporate Circus Juggling

Are you planning a conference or staff training day packed with important information?

Slip in some circus learning to wake up the brain and body when concentration starts to wane.

  • learning to juggle helps keep your brain sharp

  • getting physical improves concentration and memory

  • laughter improves the immune system

  • breaks the ice to get creative juices flowing

  • give participants new tools to help with concentration anywhere, anytime

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