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About Us

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Adie Delaney

Adie began her circus career at NICA in 2004. After graduating she went to Europe to join the UK’s largest touring contemporary circus company NoFitState.  Over 8 years she to performed swinging and flying trapeze, hula hoops, fire, acrobatics, trampolining, rollerskating and more.

Alongside her performing career, Adie has constantly nurtured a passion for teaching. Having come from gymnastics coaching, Adie now holds a diploma of personal training, and has attended Cirque Du Monde’s train the trainer, Holistic Circus Therapy, aerial teacher trainings from the New England Centre for Circus Arts and two Network of International Circus Educators conferences. 

Christian Florence


Christian’s career began with learning to juggle in England in 1991.  Within 5 years, he was a professional circus performer. 


After moving to Melbourne in 2005, Christian focused more on empowering others to learn circus skills, teaching at Circus Oz & Westside Circus, plus in 2007 founded the Melbourne Juggling Convention which continues to connect and inspire hundreds of people from around the world.

Christian is also Creative Producer of the Creative Exchange Project,  at Kickstart Arts Inc. in New Town.

Cat Horan-Blake

Cat first took part in community circus classes with Westside Circus at age 16 in Melbourne.  After moving to Hobart for university, Cat joined a number of classes at the newly established Circus Studio and continued training regularly for another three years.


Cat then travelled to London to take part in an intensive aerial course before moving to Wales to be a community circus trainer for NoFitState. Cat remained there for a year and a half, before returning to Hobart, where she is now enjoying beautiful, wild Tasmania and teaching at the Circus Studio & Social Circus Tas.

Luke Edwards


Luke has been playing with circus toys since he was in primary school.  What started as a three-ball cascade and 'walk the dog' with a yo-yo has now developed into solidifying three-diabolos and 5-clubs on single spins.

He grew up in Hobart watching and learning from jugglers both local and interstate, regularly attending circus festivals, meet-ups and conventions. He enjoys making his own equipment, such as diabolo sticks, juggling balls, devil sticks and sock poi.

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